IIFT – 2011 : Analysis (27th November 2011)

IIFT 2012-2014 Admission Test Analysis

This year the IIFT paper was slightly different as compared to the previous years. The paper was different in terms of the distribution of the questions as there were 6 sections instead of the usual 4 sections that were present in previous year’s papers.

General Awareness (21 Questions, 0.5 marks per question, 10.5 marks)

This section was more on the predictable lines of IIFT GA section. The questions were a good mix of current affair and other GK questions. About 4-5 questions were very easy questions which could have easily fetched 2-2.5 marks minimum.

Reading Comprehension (15 Questions, 0.75 marks per question, 11.25 marks)

Reading Comprehension section was comparatively easier, it had four passages. The passages were readable and questions were mostly direct. About 4-5 marks were easily achievable in this section.

English Usage (23 Questions, 0.75 marks per question, 17.25 marks)

The English Usage section was vocabulary based in which at least 11 questions were based on vocabulary. There were few para-jumbles and few grammar questions which were easy. Overall 12 of these questions were easy and the rest were moderate to tough. Overall a score of 10-12 would have been a good attempt in this section.

Quantitative Ability (24 Questions, 1 mark per question, 24 marks)

About 50 % of the questions in this section were from Arithmetic which made this section easy. Also most of the questions were attempt-able with about 10-12 question being very easy. A good score in this section would be 14-15 marks. This section could be considered the scoring section.

Data Interpretation (16 Questions, 1 mark per question, 16 marks)

This section had three sets, which were calculation intensive and tedious. It would have been fair to attempt one of the sets (The third set had 6 questions). A total of 6 attempts with a score of around 4-5 would have been a good attempt.

Logical Reasoning (21 Questions, 1 mark per question, 21 marks)

This section was again a scoring section with easy questions. There were also questions from verbal logic. A person spending reasonable good time in this section could have attempted about 12 questions and scored about 8-9 marks which would have been a very good attempt.

Section – wise safe scores


Good Score

General Awareness


Reading Comprehension


English Usage


Quantitative Ability


Data Interpretation


Logical Reasoning



42 +

A score of 42+ would almost guarantee a GD-PI call from IIFT.

This year it seems unlikely that there will be any sectional cut-offs, hence the total score will be the only criteria for a GD-PI call from IIFT. We feel that the cut-off for IIFT this year would be at 39.0 on a optimistic estimate, with any one getting a score of above 42+ after checking the keys can be almost assured of a GD-PI call.

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37 Responses to IIFT – 2011 : Analysis (27th November 2011)

  1. pranav


    i have got a score of 44-46 (due to two different keys ). General category!! should i expect a call from IIFT??

  2. abhisek

    sir i have a question regarding nmat but since the reply window is closed there i hv 2 ask here..sorry for the inconvenience caused 2 u sir.
    i want to know what are the no. of questions one shud attempt from each section with 100% accuracy 4 a sure selection..my exam on 8th dec…thanks

  3. Apoorav

    According to CL expected cut-off would be around 37. You said it would be 42. I guess its too high. Plz reply

  4. great Analysis…

    Also i was wondering about CAT 2011 Percentile predictor. Is it there on the website?? i coudnt find it anywhere ..please provide link???

  5. Mrinal Kumar


    I’m going to score around 32-33 in IIFT,
    SC category, What chances do I have of getting a
    call ??

  6. rohit kumar

    sir,I am getting 46 excluding comprehension, and I am not expecting much from that section. Is there any rule that a person should get positive in every section..??

  7. Rajendra

    sir i am expecting a score of 30 and i am a st categorie student what are the chances of getting a call from iift

  8. pruthvi

    sir i am getting 34.42 according to CL key and i belong to OBC category. do i have any chance???

  9. shivam

    I am getting 33.8. any chance of getting a call? Sc candidate

  10. anoop

    normally what is the difference btw cutoff marks of general n obc in iift????
    it it just 2-3 marks or it goes up to 5-6 marks??

    • admin

      depends on the year and number of candidates … but for OBC you can assume 3-4 marks as an optimistic estimate

  11. neha

    im getting around 42/41 (not sure of one question as 2 different answers have been posted)
    I’ve attempted just one question in DI in the last minute as i was almost sure of no sectional cut offs
    Unfortunately though,its wrong.I’ve heard that you need atleast 0 even if there arent any sectional cut offs. Is there any exception to the rule? Atleast in their second list

    • MBA

      Neha, I think there will be no sectional cut-offs …. It is not mentioned anywhere..lets wait and watch for the results…

  12. Abhishek

    Sir,i have got a score of around 45 according to the cl key and a score of 41 according to the time key and a score of 45 according to the test funda key..is this sufficient for getting a call?
    and i would also like to know that what are the chances of of no sectional cutoff’s as i have secured just 4 marks in va section.

    • MBA

      I dont think there would be any sectional cut-offs…your score looks good…you have a good chance of getting a call..

  13. anoop

    m getting 38 marks… m an obc candidate…
    can i expect a call from IIFT Delhi.???

  14. piyush

    Sir i have got 41.5x….
    Do i stand a chance?

  15. Rohit

    IIFT-RC 2.25/11.25
    IIFT-VA 12.25/17.25
    IIFT-QA 14/24
    IIFT-DI 1.67/16
    IIFT-LR 11.67/20
    IIFT-GK 0.17/10.5
    TOTAL 42/99

    What are my chances of getting a call..these are the scores that i get based on the testfunda keys

  16. CAt2011

    what are my chances of getting a call 4m IIFT?
    my score: 36.8 – 37.17 (due to different keys) & belonging to SC category

  17. Jaswant

    I am getting a score of 40.Do i have any chance of getting a call from iift-kolkata???

  18. Karthik

    I doubt if the answers to Set – 1 are entirely correct. The answers right from Q3 until Q18 are all marked as “C” and this section had RC’s. There is no such series of “C” in any other set, though I assume the set order to be different but definitely not the question/option order. It looks like a “drag” has been done on an excel from 3rd until the 18th. May I request you to validate the key for Set -1? Thanks